Forum Rules: Must Follow

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Forum Rules: Must Follow

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In order not to be banned, follow the rules of this forum
General information:

  1. Every user is obliged to read the regulations, accept and abide by him if he wants to use this Community.
  2. Each of the users may submit requests / proposals for changing the content of the regulations.
  3. Each of the users through the registration process agrees to the provisions of the regulations, and undertakes to comply with it.
  4. This Community reserves the right to change the regulations, each user will be informed. Users'
  5. Community has the right to change the community mode from normal to subscription mode for specific time-span to bear up the support for community. When it goes into subscription mode it will be get back in few days.
  6. We have an internal system (which may works on 6 months basis or yearly) to reduce the website size and to work faster by decreasing the file sizes of different levels of community, it may impact and effect the search engine functionality / capability of community sometimes.
  7. Donor Ranks will be given for one year from the date when donation has been made.

Rights and Obligations:

  1. Comply with the regulations and submit to the forum decisions of Moderators and Administrators.
  2. Notify moderators about irregularities in compliance with the regulations by other users.
  3. Do not duplicate the same topic in several places at once - this action is treated as littering the forum and will be punished with a warning.
  4. Respect moderators and administrators, of course, not forgetting about respect for other users.
  5. You can create new topics where provisioned.
  6. You reply to posts of other Users
  7. You can edit own posts
  8. You use all available BBCode formatting elements and use available emoticons
  9. You send private messages
  10. You use the avatar picture.
  11. You use the signature in profile
  12. Each user has its own profile and has the right to use all its functions and make changes in it.
  13. The User has the possibility to hide his e-mail address from other Users.
  14. It is forbidden to use several accounts at once. Such action is prohibited, and if found, all accounts are blocked for life . There are no appeals from such a decision.
  15. If you are taking on Uploader rank, be aware before choosing this rank, because this one is only for that uploaders who are working in daily routine, if your username / profile found not posting downloading stuff for more than 1-2 months while having trusted uploader rank - therefore if found away by team your uploader rank will be revoked and back to normal state.

Avatar & Signatures:

  1. The maximum size and size of the graphics that can be used as an avatar depends on the rank you have. Information about restrictions can be found on the forum or forum.
  2. The graphic presenting your profile should not break the rules of the forum or be used as an advertisement.
  3. If you have any issue using Avatar / Signature - use Help Desk to make it work.
  4. The maximum dimensions of a signature depend on the rank you have.

Posting Topics:

  1. Do not use abusive language while making topics.
  2. Always use CODE bbcode for all external links.
  3. Always double check you are posting your topic in right area or section.
  4. Always acknowledge the community emails for communication.
  5. If you are not able to post in any area - or getting any notice on your profile please first read the notice - at last you can communicate with contact page about any concern.
  6. If you're posting any request or help in particular section make sure you have read out announcement alert topic on that forum if any has been available as alert to read before to avoid any embarrassment.
  7. Post at least minimum 2 different filehost links, there is no restriction of using any specific filehost - its all your choice to choose any two from many file hosts . Single file host link posters are not acceptable from now.
  8. If you are seeking any stuff by request area section, you are requested to mention maximum three items per request topic. Once current one request completed than you can create next topic. If you violate this section of rules, and create such demand of huge list in one topic, your only three requests will consider on active request topic, rest of them can be avoided. Premium and Lifetime members are exempt for this restriction.

Penalties ::

  1. The user breaking the rules can be punished by penalty in the shape of infractions or any worst action.
  2. Many infraction may gets result in a total account blockage.
  3. Depending on the will of the moderator / super moderator / administrator, account blocking will be permanent or temporary.
  4. If uploader violates any posting rules he will be banned and his topics will be deleted from community which will be non-reversible action by team.
  5. If you have been banned as free slot uploader ever, you need to upgrade your profile to Uploader from VIP Tab again if you wish to continue with community.

What to avoid in order not to get penalty points:

  • Do not use Fake Email Address at registration - You will directly banned without any delay as soon detected by System.
  • Do not break the general rules of the forum and regulations of departments if they are available.
  • Do not insult or attack your interlocutors personally.
  • Do not post ads or advertisements in any form in departments other than those designated.
  • Do not spam - do not put the same information in many places.
  • Do not post threads that are not consistent with the subject of the department.

The Administration Declares That:

  1. On the server of the site, no files breaking copyright are hosted, only a forum script with a database of the site containing information needed to operate the site.
  2. This website an information portal. By using links to files posted by users, you do so at your own risk. Remember that files covered by copyright are only allowed to be downloaded from the web if you have their original version at home and the downloaded copy will be treated as backup.
  3. Posts and topics contained on sub-pages of this website are presented for educational purposes only. Website administration is not responsible for the content of posts posted by users and use them contrary to their intended use.