Facebook Ads & Instagram Ads Course 2022: The Art of Selling

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Facebook Ads & Instagram Ads Course 2022: The Art of Selling

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Facebook Ads & Instagram Ads Course 2022: The Art of Selling
Last Update: 1/2022
Duration: 4h 53m | Video: .MP4, 1280x720 30 fps | Audio: AAC, 48 kHz, 2ch | Size: 2.85 GB
Genre: eLearning | Language: English

Learn How to Use Facebook Ads to Sell: Plan Campaign. Execute it. Lead it. Optimise Budget. Produce Sales. Become Legend
What you'll learn:
Gain Hands-On Insights about Selling via Facebook Ads & Instagram Ads. Write Ads. Plan Correctly Big Campaigns. Optimise Budget. Produce Sales & Profits.
Understand Customer Journey on Facebook & Instagram. Reach Out. Engage. Convert. Retarget. Use Custom & Lookalike Audiences. Go Far Beyond Theory.
Plan Correctly Facebook Ads Campaigns. Clearly Organise Campaigns & Descriptions. Understand How % Sales Triggers the Audience. Reach. Inspire. Sell.
Simply Sell: Understand How to Use the Power of Sales Periods and How to Plan, Optimise and Maximise your Sales Campaigns. Sell More. Sell Efficiently.
You shall have watched my Facebook Ads & Instagram Ads Course or Best of Facebook Ads Course or Introduction into Facebook Advertising.
You shall have your Facebook Ad Account, Facebook Business Manager Account, Facebook Pixel Ready for iOS & Facebook Business Page.
But even if you Have no Clue about Facebook Advertising, you can get Eagle Insights about Leading Big Sales Campaigns.
Learn how to Sell with Facebook Ads & Instagram Ads in 2022
I will Walk you through the Complete Process of Planning Facebook Ads Campaign, Executing it, Leading it & Optimising the Budget.
You can Get Real Insights about Selling with Facebook Ads & Instagram Ads.
You can Watch Real Case Study.
I will walk you walk.
You can watch hands-on Sales Campaigns.
You can Understand how Sales & Revenue are Produced with Facebook Ads & Instagram Ads.
I will give you real hands-on practical guidance you can rely on even after all Apple iOS & EU restrictions.
In this Facebook Ads & Instagram Course we quickly revise the Copywriting as it has been so underestimated
I have added into the course also practical writing assignments. Ads creation is ultimately important & I truly wish my students to train it. Otherwise, we solely focus on Sales. This Course has been the most practical course I have ever released and is meant as continuation of my Facebook Ads Courses. You will LOVE this Facebook Ads Course as it gives you incredible insights you have been searching for.
You need to correctly understand & step by step deploy the Customer Journey on Facebook & Instagram
The most important is to walk the customer on his / her customer journey and to understand Facebook Ads objectives. It is also important for you to know how to use the power of engagement to create powerful custom & lookalike audiences. Selling for e-commerce can be great success, but only with understanding how Facebook Ads work in 2022.
This Facebook Ads Course is practical hands-on guide
Screen Recordings are Main Content of this Course. I am showing you Sales Campaigns that are Producing Sales & Revenue. We will not cover introductory topics like setting up Facebook Business Page, Facebook Business Manager, Facebook Pixel, Aggregated Events as well as Catalogs. This you can study in-depth in my previous Facebook Ads courses.
This Facebook Ads is more like Flying with me in the Sky & Getting the Eagle View
You will Actually See & Understand what it Truly Means Leading Big Facebook Ads Campaign. You will Share Great Responsibility with me. We will Actually Produce Together Revenue for Wages & Profits.
I have done my Best to explain everything
Step by Step
Business Oriented
Sales Focused
Revenue Oriented
Only What you Truly Need
I honestly believe that after watching this course you will feel much more confident in selling goods via Facebook Ads & Instagram Ads
You will feel more ready to become professional Facebook Ads Consultant. You will feel also more confident to professionally lead big campaigns with big budget. You will also feel more confident to have in your hands budget and the future cash flow of company you have been working for. In the role of Facebook Ads Consultant leading BIG campaigns you will basically decide, if company will be profitable and wealthy.
You can become Hero in your company as you will directly influence amount of money that company is making
Basically, you can become very precious employee as every company needs money to pay wages, bills & to generate revenue.
I Hope & Believe you will Truly Love & Enjoy this Facebook Ads Course very much.
Ing. Tomas Moravek & TEAM,
Internet Efficiency Award Winning Instructor for Facebook Ads Campaigns
PS: This course is meant as continuation of my Facebook Ads Courses. For all the practical setups, please watch my Facebook Ads & Instagram Ads Course. Still, if you are ready to fly, enjoy with me the Ultimate Facebook Ads & Instagram Ads Sales Journey.
Who this course is for
For Everyone Interested in Producing Sales & Revenue via Facebook Ads & Instagram Ads

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